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We at InfinityInfotech understand and analyze clients varied business needs and help them design, build deploy and maintain IT solutions to satisfy the business needs. We have a proven track record of being able to provide simple solutions to complex business needs.
We understand the needs of the client and their budget constraints and provide onsite, nearshore or offshore development modals
Onsite Solutions – We provide quick and simple designs and get the projects executed on time and under budget. We specialize in keeping the solutions simple irrespective of the complexity of the business need and this is our speciallity
Near Shore Solutions – This is a mid range modal, where we have development centers outside of US but geographically close, this helps all the work moving on US day time. This reduces the cost to mid level and also avoids the round the clock issues that we see in a complete offshore development modal.
Off Shore Solutions – We specialize in designing the solutions to the client in such a way that the majority of the work gets offshored. This reduces the cost drastically. We are good at maintaining a 1:4 onsite offshore ratio. We achieve this ratio with a proper planning during the design stage where we split the work into modules that can be offshored. We make integration of these modules seamless thereby making it transparent and easy for onsite staff to integrate them and provide end solutions.
We specialize in outsourcing all kinds of maintenance ranging from Operating Systems to Databases to Applications. We have a guaranteed 50% reduction in costs while maintaining the same or better levels of SLAs

We also specialize in Staff Augmentation Services.
We have some of the best, top of the line technical resources who are selected after thorough 5 stage screening process. We also have an in house Training and Talent management wing that ensures that our resources are always up to date and ahead of the curve. Our consultants are top notch and flexible, they can fit at any stage of the project and help give a boost to the project’s performance and timelines.

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Infinity Infotech LLC.
30 Newbury Street, 3rd Floor,
Boston, MA – 02116
Ph : 617-313-6999
Email : Info@infinityinfotech.com

Infinity Infotech LLC.
100 Main Street,
Office #16,
Nashua, 03060
Ph 857 445 8255



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